• Multi-function Vehicle

    Multi-function Vehicle

    Intelligent Multi-function Vehicle SY series intelligent multifunctional road maintenance vehicles are jointly developed by Hebei Special Purpose Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and the Space Robot Research Room of a well-known university in Beijing for three years. This vehicle integrates the functions of intelligent milling, recovery, oil injection, filling and rolling into one, which can conveniently and efficiently realize the maintenance and repair of square, round pits and manhole co...
  • Refrigerated truck

    Refrigerated truck

    Shiyue refrigerated truck is a special refrigerated transport vehicle equipped with refrigeration unit and polyurethane insulation box, used to maintain the temperature of frozen or fresh goods, often used to transport frozen food, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, vaccines and drugs.

  • Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant-CLY Series

    Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant-CLY Series

    CLY series Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Ca-long Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant is a new generation of mobile series products independently developed by Ca-Long, which can realize mobile plant relocation and independent installation, and adapt to the working condition requirements of frequent relocation, rapid installation and rapid discharge at the site. Mainly for the overseas market and domestic small repair, maintenance market.  ■ Adopts integrated design, optimization of the combination. The ...
  • Full Container-type Asphalt Mixing Plant – CLJ series

    Full Container-type Asphalt Mixing Plant – CLJ series

    CLJ series Full Container type Asphalt Mixing Plant Full container-type Asphalt Plant, jointly developed by our company and ChangAn University, a unique solution to the bottleneck problem of high shipping cost due to big capacity plants’ huge volume. The plant adopts container-type structure, all units and components are integrated into standard containers, forming several container units, which can be freely stacked with other shipping containers for transportation, realizing low trans...
  • Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant CL Series

    Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant CL Series

    CL series standard type Asphalt Mixing plant CL series standard type asphalt mixing plant, is the standard type of Ca-long asphalt mixing plant, is the standard part of other series of plant, its technical characteristics are the common characteristics of other series of plant. Beijing Ca-Long adhere to professional designation, standardized production, precision services, A variety of models for different customer needs. Ca-Long has achieved the world’s largest model of plant, leading t...
  • RAP Plant – CLR

    RAP Plant – CLR

    Self-developed by Beijing Ca-Long, CLR series Recycled Asphalt Plant(RAP) could use the hot recycled asphalt to produce new asphalt with a percentage of max. 60%. Its design introduces foreign advanced technology and takes into consideration the current Chinese road situations. Its performance reaches the international advanced standard. Main Features ■ Various layout design, can be perfectly connected with various types of raw material mixing plant ■ Scientific and advanced drying drum desig...
  • RAP Integrated Plant – CLUR

    RAP Integrated Plant – CLUR

    CLUR series RAP integrated Plant RAP integrated Plant is innovatively designed on the basis of absorbing European advanced technology and according to China’s reality. It was designed and researched in 2010 and entered to market in 2012, with the most advanced technology in China ■ Integrated system design, integrated structure. According to the characteristics of raw material and recycled material, innovative structure and system design eliminate the defects of traditional regeneration...
  • Eco-friendly AMP – CLH

    Eco-friendly AMP – CLH

    CLH series Eco-friendly Asphalt Mixing plant Eco-friendly Asphalt Mixing plant, four years of painstaking research and development, international advanced level, to achieve clean, quiet, recycling, economy. “Green, circulation, high efficiency” is the environmental protection concept of Ca-Long, according to higher standards of environmental protection requirements, Ca-Long  adopts advanced technology and measures for feeding, discharging, drying, screening and measurement, the op...
  • Concrete Mixing Plant – CLS

    Concrete Mixing Plant – CLS

    CLS series Concrete Mixing Plant CLS series Concrete Mixing Plant is suitable for urban commercial premixed concrete, roads and bridges, buildings, water engineering, electric power, ports, airports and other large infrastructure construction projects. It has the obvious advantages of good stability, strong functionality and high intelligence degree. Ca-long concrete mixing plant structure design is scientific, reasonable, solid materials, efficient, environmental protection, according to the...
  • Soil Mixing Plant – CLW

    Soil Mixing Plant – CLW

    CLW series soil/cement mixing plant CLW series soil/cement mixing plant is suitable for infrastructure construction projects such as expressway, road and airport. It has the following features: good adaptability materials, multiple dosages, compact structure and reasonable layout, high reliablility, etc. Capacity is from 350t/h to 600t/h. ■ Equipped with high performance mixing system, uniform mixing, stable performance, high production efficiency ■ It can mix various types of stable soil mix...
  • Towed Concrete Pump – CLT

    Towed Concrete Pump – CLT

    Main features ■ Two series products are available: electric motor and diesel oil motor. ■ World famous suppliers guarantee the stability and reliability ■ Advanced valve distribution system, floating flow ring could compensate worn space automatically with good sealing and easy maintenance ■ With cement stabilized soil mixing plant powered wide range hydraulic system, it promises high power efficiency ■ Free exchange high-low pressure, suitable for both low-output high building and high-outpu...
  • CWR Plant

    CWR Plant

    Demolition waste resourcilization recycling complete plant Demolition waste resourcilization recycling complete plant, mainly for urban construction, the reinforced concrete blocks, plain concrete, brick and tile blocks, wood and other materials produced by the demolition of houses are broken, sorted, screened, concrete and brick block become aggregate and sand, to make concrete or baking-free brick, plastic, wood, iron are sorted out for recycling, realize garbage to available resources ■ It...
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